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About Kathleen Streitenberger



Kathleen Streitenberger was born in Cincinnati Ohio. She graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design with a BFA and has since been making a joyful life of color and art.  

Kathleen has enjoyed working for some of the happiest places on earth! She has created concept work, signage, murals and color packages for Universal Studios, Legoland, Six Flags and many other children’s museums and waterparks. Her body of work includes: creating the first swimsuit cover for Radiance Magazine, designing high-end wall coverings, creating set pieces for children’s theatre, illustrating children’s books and surface design for top selling Formica laminate.

Her most recent series showcases her passion for painting the simple beauty of swimming pools. Kathleen finds peace in painting the light and colorful serene essence of a day in and around the pool and healing energy from the clear blue water of the ocean.

Her style is a la prima, using oil paint and a palette knife to create the reflections, refractions and movement of light and water.


© 2019 Kathleen M. Streitenberger  Caribbean - Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach

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